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Venice liminal space:

How can one render the character of a city and its people, when everything seems to have been said and photographed countless times? Our perception is shaped by the onslaught of perennial images familiar from postcards and souvenirs sent from the worlds of media and advertising. And yet there is also the fleeting imaginary of this city which can only be experienced situationally. Venice reveals itself as a space between, a liminal space. The city revels in its morbid beauty, and yet it appears incurably entangled in its own contradictions. In order to capture in photographs the magical power of the city and its character as a liminal space, a corresponding pictorial language is required. The challenge arises: how to grasp the tension between the everyday and the fictional, while at the same time allowing individual dreams, ideas and desires to unfold. In answer to this, some photographs were taken using a handheld filter positioned before the lens of the camera. Formerly distinct contours become hazy, and lyrical photographs emerge that leave room for one's own imagination. Where does the illusion begin - infront of or behind the camera?